Vacation Backlash


After a wonderful vacation in Brookings, OR on the coast I was ready to get home. We were gone for 9 days. My husband and I drove. Well, I drove and he was co pilot.  We were with his family in OR. They had rented a big house on the beach and we all enjoyed the view among other things . We ate, laughed, put a puzzle together, laughed, visited and caught up with each other. Had a beer tasting and discussion. OR is very passionate about beer. Oh and did I say laughed?
  We went up there to support  a cousin who is a dean for Southwestern Oregon Community College. The cousin, Jan, worked to get a new campus built in Curry County. She did it all with help, but was “the chief” in charge. Jan is an artists and used what she learned in her art life to get the land donated, what kind of tile went in the restrooms, the recycle cans and the chairs that went in the Commons. Someone said that she sculptured the campus.  We were so proud at the grand opening when Jan gave her Thank You speech. One of the donations came from the Harvey Mudd foundation. We are so proud of Jan.
   We left for home on Saturday 1/28 and really took our time coming home. I took pictures and we visited some small towns that were very interesting.  We arrived home on Tuesday 1/31. Tired but feeling like we had been gone for a month.
  I was itching to bet back to creating something. I had visited some galleries on our trip and was feeling like I needed to put some paint on something.  I had gone to an Mono Print Class just before the trip. It was great to get back to printing again.

These are just two of the many prints I was able to complete in one day. No titles yet.
 On Thursdays I have three to four fellow artists come over for a painting day. I was so happy to get back with my friends and create yesterday. I worked on some of my jewelery that I have orders for. You can see some of my creations in Claremont’s “A Brush With The Past” (owned by another friend, Anne Seltzer).  I’m taking these into A Brush… today.

Create Everyday. It is something that will bring you much joy and it has been known to heal many afflictions.  Check back for a posting on the healing powers of ART! 

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