Cleaning Stencils

Having a free Monday is a treat for me. Most of the time Mondays are a big clean up or finish up of the weekend. Not that we throw thrash and things around but you know those last dribs and drabs that didn't get done?With not too much to do around the house I gave [...]

Create For You

As I have said many times before, it's been awhile.  You know how it goes. Minutes turn into hours; hours turn into days, and before you know it, it's been months.   Sigh.The last time I wrote here, I had just come back from an intensive art study in Taos, NM. I was a bit frustrated back [...]

Trip to Taos, NM

On April 21st. a fellow artist and myself left for an intensive art seminar in Taos, NM.We were told to bring every little thing you might need for 8 days of creating. There are no art stores in Taos anymore. We filled a midsize SUV with our supplies, snacks, and cameras.Views in AZWe arrived in Santa [...]

Post Class

As promised, photos of some of the papers that were created. The students said that they had a good time and now want to use the papers they created, in a project. So next Thursday which is our "Painting Day", they will bring their papers and a sub straight to create a collage.  I am [...]

Collage Paper Class

My hubby and I spent the day setting up for my new class, Collage Paper.Four people have signed up for the class and I am so excited to share all the ways to make papers for collage.We will be altering brown paper bags, newsprint, newspapers, card stock, tissue paper, Mulberry papers and National Graphic Magazine [...]

New Art Books

I just bought some new art books. Not too exciting for you maybe, but for me it was. One is titled "A Daily Creativity Journal 365 Make Something Every Day And Change Your Life". The author gave himself a task of creation an original artwork every day for a year. He chose to make Skulls. [...]

I can see that life can get too too busy. I get on the ball that is my life and keep rolling along as if something would happen to me if I just stepped off. I could. Don't know why I don't.I remember a time when I first had my skate board. In the 60's. [...]

Locked Out

The benefits of hiding a key outside are many. You can be gone and know that the cleaning people will get in. You can be out to lunch and know that the contractor can let himself in and keep working on the house. AND the biggest benefit is when you get locked out you can [...]

Art and words

"Leave my loneliness unbroken!"~The RavenI was a big scardy cat when I was a kid. Many things would set me off. A fear would run through me and no amount of talking to myself could calm me down. Most of the time it was at night. The house was still, the parents turned off the [...]

After A Long Trip

The trip was a "long and winding road." I will now be writing and continuing making art.The road that I've been on has included writing and art but the path took me many places.I will write. I am committed to Creative Infusion. It has been said before. And the commitment has been here before also. [...]

Making a Commitment

Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.— Robert F. KennedyHello Writers,Life happens as they say. Whoever "They" are.Things have kept me from my writing and art. It is hard to let things go because life gets too crazy or things, (again with the things) get in the way.Summer held the idea [...]

September 28 Prompt

Good morning writers."Eighty percent of language lies to us."--Deena MetzgerI have a tendency to over extend myself.I over booked September and entered 4 art shows and signed up for two extra art classes. Plus all the usual stuff that goes with life. So I dropped one show and one class. Sometimes I get so wrapped [...]

September 24 Prompt

Happy writing to all Writers."It is the first shower that wets."--Italian ProverbI might have used that quote before but I thought it fitting after our rain."When I use a word, it means what I choose it to mean--neithermore nor less."This is a quiz. It is from something that Lewis Carroll wrote. Now we all can [...]

September 21 Prompt

Good morning Writers.Heres to a great weekend and try to write every day."I love the solitude of reading. I love the deep dive into someone else's story, the delicious ache of the last page."--Naomi Shihab NyeHave you all read and finished "Self Storage" by our Gayle Brandis? If you have and want to discuss it [...]

September 17 Prompt

Good Afternoon,Hope all had a good weekend. We have a CWC meeting this Saturday the 22nd. Don't forget to enter our contest. Deadline is Sept. 29th"Writing involves a commitment greater than illness."--Bernard MalamudOur back door was always locked. It was in the kitchen and opened onto the screened in patio. The screen door on the [...]

September 14 Prompt

Hello Writers,"The words! I collected them in all shapes and sizes, and hung them like bangles in my mind."--Hortense Calisher, Extreme MagicMy grandfather continued to do some work after he retired. He had been a carpenter by trade and when remodeling was done in downtown Chino the contractors called him for the "fine" work. He [...]

Hello Writers,"I tell a story the way some people eat an Oreo cookie."--B. E. ZalmanDid your parents want you to be something? Did they want you to be, say a math teacher and you wanted to be an astronaut?Write about who you were and who you wanted to be.My parents told me that I couldn't [...]

September 4 Prompt

Good morning writers."When we lived closer to fire, when our lives depended upon the careful tending of the hearth, we had before us a symbol of the need for nourishment that lay deep in our souls."--Anne ScottOne of my chores at a young person was to not only take out the trash but to burn [...]