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  • Lunch From the Garden

    Lunch From the Garden

    My connection to nature goes back to my very early years as a kid. I’d spend weekends with my grandparents at least one or two times a month. I had all of their ranches to roam and explore and all of nature around the rural community of Chino, CA. My grandfather had a green arm. […]

  • Why I Create Small Works

    Why I Create Small Works

    I plan on entering the National Collage Society’s Small Format show. The pieces can only be 4-by-6 inches, postcard size. Just what I like. There’s no jury, so everyone gets in. I love these small formats and decided I’d create some and enter the show. I had some mat board cut to 4-by-6 inch for […]

  • New Beginnings

    New Beginnings

    I want to thank everyone that supported my art business and visited my website in 2021. Whether you bought a greeting card, a painting, a print, or are taking classes from me, your support means so much.  I was going to write a post about the new year and resolutions and how to keep them […]