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2023 Art Classes at the Botanic Gardens

Please Note: There will be no in-person classes at the California Botanic Gardens July 23-August 23. Please visit my Art Classes page to register for virtual workshops during that time!

Advanced DrawingThis class is for all levels who want to bring their drawing skills to the “advanced” level!
10 am-1 pmCalifornia Botanic Gardens
Meditative Art: Deep OceanThis meditative art class celebrates all that is under the ocean waves. Cool off from the summer heat as we dip into the clear waters of meditative art practice.
10 am- 1 pmCalifornia Botanic Gardens
Geometric Landscapes
10 am-1 pmCalifornia Botanic Gardens
Symmetrical Flow Drawing
10 am-1 pmCalifornia Botanic Gardens
Watercolor Botanicals: Autumn Sepia
10 am-1 pmCalifornia Botanic Gardens
Meditative Art: Winter WonderlandTake a break from the holiday chaos and meditate on scenes from the winter season!
10 am-1 pmCalifornia Botanic Gardens

Note: All classes at the California Botanic Gardens are posted on the CALBG website a month in advance. Please Contact Me if you have any questions!

About Me

Aleta Jacobson is an award-winning collage, acrylic and mixed media artist living and working in Southern California. The child of a highly creative family, Aleta’s earliest tools were crayons and her brother’s art books. Aleta is passionate about sharing art with others.

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Thank you

As the year comes to a close, I wanted to send a holiday greeting and a big “Thank You” to all. I’m filled with gratitude and joy from all of you. Whether we met in a class or you purchased my art in some form, I am so grateful that our paths have crossed.  I’ve…

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Hello from HOT Southern California.  We are deep into another heat wave. I find sometimes it’s hard even to think let alone do much. I’ve had the air conditioner blasting and fans going to stay cool. I just can’t deal with the heat anymore. I want autumn to kick in NOW.  I know I said…