ARTful WONDERS Summer Camp Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend Summer Camp?

All children ages 6-12 are invited to register and attend any combination of weeks during summer camp.

How will the lessons be delivered?

All lessons will be delivered via the Zoom web conferencing platform. To download a free version of the software, visit

What is included in each lesson?

Each lesson will include a discussion of the elements of art, incorporating instruction on a famous artist who exemplified a combination of the elements. Students will receive a handout that covers the full week as part of their welcome materials.

What types of supplies will my child need to participate?

I try to design lessons that involve only supplies easily acquired at your local arts and crafts store. A supply list will be provided with the class materials.

I have a child that is older than 12, can they join Summer Camp?

Unfortunately, Summer camp is designed to meet the learning styles and needs of children 6-12. If you have a child that is older than 12 and looking for a summer arts experience, I offer private lessons for artists of all ages. Contact me for details.

Additionally, Sarah Patterson (co-owner of the ARTful WONDERS after-school program) will be hosting expressive arts experiences for teens and adults! Contact her for more information.

Is there a discount for siblings?

Unfortunately, I cannot provide discounts at this time. All students must pay full price for each week they attend.

What happens when my child misses a lesson?

Due to class minimum requirements, I cannot provide a full refund at this time. If your child needs to miss a class for any reason, I will provide the recording of that day for the child to follow along. If you need to cancel the full week, I can honor a 50% refund. Please contact me as soon as possible to make arrangements.