August 31 Prompt

Good morning Writers.
I’m thinking of changing the days of our prompts. I know that some of you don’t get around to read and write them on Mondays and Fridays.
I seem to have Mondays that leave little time to write. The prompts might come on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday and Friday.

“How much more cruel the pen may be than the sword.”
–Robert Burton

What is the first recollection of someone doing something nice for you? I read about a man that said his grandfather built him a kite out of paper and some scraps of wood.
the author said that this act of his grandfather’s was the first he could remember.
Can you remember when someone did something nice for you? How far back can you remember? Remembering is like retracing your steps when you have lost something or misplaced your keys. Start with one act of niceness and go back to another one.
After you have made notes and written about the different things you can remember, write a poem, short story or non fiction piece about the nice things or your remembering them.

After I read about the author’s grandfather my mind jumped to things that my grandfather did for me. He was strict and harsh, but whenever I went to his house for the day, or weekend I’d have so much fun. He was building something for my grandmother once and there were scraps of wood at the base of his table saw. I think he was worried I’d get hurt. I was hanging around the saw and playing with the sawdust. ( I was about 7 or 8 years old.) He pulled out some nails, an old hammer and gave me the wood scraps. “Here, go build something of your own. and get out of the way.”
I didn’t know what to do. The wood was all different shapes and he was building “something” wonderful. I hammered a few nails in one piece of wood, knowing that I could never really make anything. As I played with the wood I saw furniture in the pieces and how I stacked them. I built a bed for my Barbie doll. It was a very crude bed, one you might find in a crude mountain cabin.
I built other things with the wood and was sorry when the scraps ran out. My grandfather recognized what I had built and he praised me for what I was able to come up with.
I will always remember those kind words. I knew he really meant what he said and the rest of his harness was softened a bit.

Hope you all have a good weekend and say cool.
Drink lots of water and don’t go out in the heat of the day.
This message brought to you by, Dr. Possecoullie.


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