Getting Art Together

It’s been awhile. Things happen. Things change. Things get in the way.
I have been going non stop with art this year. I have some good classes under my belt and some great times sharing art with friends. The classes have a side benefit. You meet new people or you reconnect with people you have met before. All the art energy that is let out in a class can be overpowering. It’s like constant little electric shocks or massive jolts. All the caffeine in the world can’t give you what the infusion of creative influence can when you are with 2 to 15 other artists creating.
When I finish a class I am spent. I feel that I might not create again. But…after things settle down in my mind and I’m home putting things away from the class. I go back in my studio and sit. There are so many things that can come pushing back into my mind but like a good meditation I bring myself back to an empty mind. It can be a challenge. So like a Lamaze child birth I…breath and find a focal point to gaze on. Art ideas grow like time laps photography. Seed to full idea in a few minuets. But sometimes it takes days or weeks. That’s fine with me.
After an art day with a friend Laura, the creative infusion is different but with the same intensity as being in a class with 15 other artists. But I don’t bring myself to creating the same way.  Once I’m home; I dig through my bags that I cart my art stuff back and forth in, papers, mat medium, and brushes are spread out on my work table. I finish the last thing I was working on or I put it on my easel to critique. When 2 artist work together it’s a different electric shock that feeds the creative process.
If you want a jolt to your creative endeavors, take a class, meet with a fellow artist or writer.
And see what happens.
Create Everyday!   

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