Collaging Into the Night

After a day and night of creating I thought it would be good to take a break.
Getting ready for an exhibit, show or art sale takes it’s toll on my brain and body. I still believe that art can heal and it does have restorative powers. I am living proof. Creating all day and into the night does an over load though. It’s like taking too much of your medication. The prescribed amount is what should be ingested. I think I over indulged. I went to bed late and woke up with a headache, fuzzy in the brain and feeling dehydrated. Art hangover? Things could be worse. So I’m drinking more water today an not spending all day and night in the studio. But the hair of the dog and all that.
So…back to work creating for the Gypsy Sister’s art sale that starts on Friday afternoon.  You know Edvard Munch, artist that painted “The Scream”?  Well, that’s me screaming until Friday.
Go Create!

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