"Make Writing a Happy Habit"

Time seems to go so fast. It’s the middle of March but it was just December, right? I find that I can get myself into too many things so fast that I am drowning in papers, photos of my work, and business. I have to work very hard to keep on a schedule. It’s a habit that I have but sometimes forget. 

Writer’s coach Cynthia Morris has been helping people get
their words out since 1999. She’s brought everything she
knows about how to get writing done to Make Writing a Happy

This 6-week online class works for writers of all levels
and genres who are ready to focus on and enjoy their


(Update: Unfortunately, Cynthia no longer offers this service. If anyone finds a good on-line writing workshop, let me know and I will post the information here.)

If you are a new writer or a seasoned one this class is for you. It will help you make a habit of writing. And, get and keep you focused.
You’re not a writer? You only want to fling paint? Think of writing also. Write about your art or your process.  I just had to write an Intention Statement for a workshop that I will be attending in Taos, NM. The statement could only be three sentences.  I haven’t done too much writing except here. I was very rusty and kept working and re writing until I thought I was going crazy. After many hours and lots of re writes it’s done. 
I use to use this blog for prompts for my Inland Empire CA Writers Club members. I would write a bit about something that had been on my mind and then post a prompt. 
  This is a famous photo that many writers have used for a prompt. Give it a try. 
Don’t know what to write? Where does this road lead? Is it morning or evening? What state is the road in? What’s around the bend? 
If you are a creative type you can cross over to other creative avenues. And I feel it is good for an artist to write now and then. 
Check out the 6-week online couse at Original Impulse.com
Create something everyday!

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