Color, Color, Color

Artwork by Chris Cozen


The first meeting I had with Chris Cozen was at a local stamp store. Remember those? She was the teacher of a workshop that I was going to take. Chris had taught there many times and is a friend of the owner. I didn’t know Chris, and even though I had shopped in that store for years our paths never crossed.

At the workshop we created collage/mixed media on Plexiglass.  We created a few pieces and I was hooked. Such a helpful and giving teacher. She has been a teacher, mentor, and inspiration for me for 15 years. Most of that time she didn’t know that I wanted to learn from her. Anything that had her name on it, in it or she was teaching that I could get to, I was there. A wonderful person and a dear friend that I am so lucky to know.

I have written reviews before for a few friends when their books came out. This is the first review I have written for Chris. I have been amiss.

“Acrylic Color Explorations”  is one of the best books I have read on acrylics and color. It is a journey of discovery with each page being a new idea and fun technique to try. It is a true workbook. If you travel through  and work each idea and technique, at the end of your journey you will come out the other side knowing so much more about color. It will be a true awakening. Or if you are a newbie you’ll get your color techniques down right out of the gate.

I was able to see the book before it was released when Chris and I met at her home to talk art, art business and we grabbed a relaxed dinner. This is the way she teaches and how she writes her books. Relaxed. It’s about fun. It’s about explorations. Never tense or hurried. Art should be fun and meaningful to the artist. “If you are not having fun you need to change that,” I have heard Chris say many times.

Chris was a working artist for Golden Acrylics for many years, and knows acrylics inside and out. She can talk and lecture (and still does for Golden), on acrylics and compounds. But delivers the information in an easy to follow manner.

This book is a classic and a must have for any artist, seasoned or newbie.

Thank you Chris Cozen for the journey into color and your friendship.


Acrylic Color Explorations: Painting Techniques for Expressing Your Artistic Voice


  1. Susan says:

    Hi Aleta….I’m interested in your classes… Will you be having some soon? This is an old student who came to two of your class…. Susan Ray

    1. ajacobson511 says:

      Hi Susan,
      Matter of fact I have a wonderful artist coming next Monday the 18th to teach Mexican Folk Art. The following weekend Chris Cozen will be at the studio.
      Let me know.

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