Hello Writers.
Another Friday, and I’m looking forward to Saturday & Sunday. Some weeks seem so long and others seem to fly by, and I can’t keep up with the days. That’s when I’m having a good week or having fun. It’s when I’m, writing well or making art that is satisfying. Here’s to a good weekend to all.

“”Praising what is lost Makes the remembrance dear.”
–Shakespeare, All’s Well That Ends Well

At first I was sort of upset by a hawk that has been hanging around our front yard and the few houses near us. He/She was pooping on the cars and the driveway. And if you have never seen hawk poop, it is a real mess. I’d go out and wash down the cars so the paint wouldn’t come off. The bird seemed to be calling to someone. It sounded lost. There was that lonely sound to the call. When I finely had a chance to see the bird, wow, what a beautiful thing. When he/she would take flight, my jaw dropped. Such grace and glide. Last weekend the bird was on the back fence. Our dog, Wilbur and my husband, Carl went close to check the creature out. The hawk turned it’s head almost all the way around to watch them approach. The three just stared at each other. When the bird was done it took off.
The hawk has been here for about 2 weeks and I keep hoping he’ll/she’ll find it’s way back to the Botanical Gardens here in Claremont. I’ve seen the birds at the garden and this one might be from there. Then I wondered why he/she kept calling out. Well, it’s more like a whistle. That poor bird has been calling for days. So of course I just figured it was lost. Maybe because of the building in the foothills, the bird is looking for food. We have an invasion of squirrels too, so I thought that they were run out form where they use to live. Then one day this week I saw them. There are two and they called to each other. I felt better that the one wasn’t lost here by it’s self. I still wonder why they are hanging around my neighborhood.
They might not be lost. I might be wrong, but to me, it seems that they should be someplace else. But why can’t they just be here because? Somehow I have the idea that they are out of place. This is a residential neighborhood, and some thing, some where in my mind has said that the birds are out of place in this area.
So I have decided that for now, I’m going to enjoy the hawks and forget about what my rational mind tells me.

Write about a loss. Or something that seems lost. A misplaced loss that is not really a loss at all.
Have a great weekend.
And if you would like some pictures of these beautiful birds give me call and we’ll set something up.

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