July 23 Prompt

Good morning (if you are up late and reading this on Sunday, Good evening).

“Only those that risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.”
–T. S. Eliot

Thank you to those who e mailed me about my Hawk prompt. I’ll send the pics when I figure out how to do that.

Do you plan and rehearse your days, moments, life? I do. I’m working at limiting the amount of rehearsing that I do for my day. In some ways it’s good to be prepared but I think that sometimes we write and rewrite our time and days until it doesn’t look like us or who we really are. I have learned this almost too late. I lost the me I use to be after many years as a chameleon. Changing to fit or rehearsing what I’ll say or do. But that made me miss me. So I’m on a walk about to get back to who I really am. I’m letting the wind take me, the real me, to places that I might not have visited before. I’m not literally going places. But I’m not rewriting, planning, rehearsing everything like I use to do. It’s hard to make changes but it feels so much more real and true.
Think about your writing. It’s easy to write in the flow and let your pen go on fire. Incomplete sentences, no punctuation, just streams of words. But do you go back and cut the words so what you first wrote has become something else?
Be careful that you don’t loose the essences of your writing. If you do cut things. Keep those lines and sentences as seeds for something else. They can become a poem, short story of an opening for a nonfiction article. Don’t be too quick to cut. Let it simmer a day or so. Sometimes change is not good.
Pick a part of your body. One you like or don’t like. Give it a life. Sing a song of praise to the part. Try not to get sappy or use cliches.
Ode to My Toes sounds good to me.

Have a great week.
Please keep writing. We need good words in this world.

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