Auguast 10 Prompt

Good morning Writers.
Did you have a good week? I for one, am so glad that it has been a bit cooler. My house and dog sitting job goes on until Monday. In some ways I’m glad that it is ending.
It’s weird to sleep in someone else’s home when you hardly know them and it’s even weirder to sleep there when they aren’t there. My daughter is taking care of 5 animals at another home and spends her nights there. She is doing much better with this than I am.

“The moon develops creativity as chemicals develop photographic images.”
–Norma Jean Harris

Many times poets use photographs for inspiration. There are many stories in one image. Texture, story, and colors can incite ideas. Then if the viewer has a connection to the photo, or another experience, that brings another connection.
In honor of Laura’s poetry swap and our photographers in the group, take out a photo from a trip and recall the day, time, mood, and anything else you can come up with.
Was it a warm day/night? Who is in the photo? Did you take it and where you taking it for the place or the people in the photo? Can you remember the feeling or the experience of what the place is like?
You can compose and image and/or idea.

Today or when you sot down to write next time, take out one of your photos and look at it closely. Study it and see what comes to mind. Write down words or phrases and after a few minuets put the photo away and read the things you wrote.

If you need a photo go to Katheryn’s or Cyndy’s photos. Click on the link to the right next to this post.
There is much inspiration there. If you can form a free verse poem, do it! Send it to a writing buddy and see if they can send you one back.
Or if a whole story comes out…good! Send that to Laura for Fresh Ink.
Take a good 15 minuets for yourself and write. You deserve to write because you are a writer.
Have a great weekend and

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