August 13 Prompt

Hello Writers.
“Difficulties are just things to overcome, after all.”
–Ernest Shackleton

Today is about something spelled wrong.
But you need to write about the tension around the misspelling.
Think about buying a birthday cake for someone very special. The bakery misspells the name on the cake. You pick the cake up, and without looking at it you rush off to the party. You are late and the party is a surprise. When you get to the party the other guests hurry you into the kitchen with the cake. No one looks at the cake until it’s time to light the candles. Someone then notices the misspelling.
Set your timer for 15 minuets and write about the the tension around trying to “fix” the mistake, or leaving it alone and what could be said to the birthday person.
What do you do? Write about your feelings and what others are saying.

Other ideas; a road sign that is misspelled, directions to a lawyer’s office, your name misspelled on your driver license, some misspelling on an important report to you boss.
You get the idea.

Here’s to a good week. Hope you all make time to write. If not every day at least 2 times a week.

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