August 17 Prompt

Hi Everyone,

“I don’t think anything is the opposite of love.”

–Anne Lamott

And in the end…
Endings are things the we don’t want to “give away”. Don’t read the ending first. If you know the ending you might not want to read the book, see the movie, or go to the play.
But today we are going to write nothing but endings.
Ending for plays, poems, short stories, etc. I hope that you feel free enough to go a little crazy with this. It can be a lot of fun and sometimes very revealing.

So…what is your favorite book? Or pick something that you don’t care for. But it needs to be something that you know. Something that you remember.
Now, rewrite the ending. If need be go back and check the book and maybe use one of the last sentences to give you a jumping off place.
And really jump. If the book is an old classic make the ending a Si-Fi, if it’s a humor story, make the ending a blood and gore ending.

Let me, or your other writer friends know what you re wrote and if you had any fun.

Have a great weekend and hope you stay cool.
Remember to KEEP WRITING!!

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