August 20 Prompt

Good Evening Writers,
I feel like Hitchcock.
Wild morning for me today. So I hope that you don’t mind that I’m writing in the cool of the evening.
It’s still Monday, right?

“No matter how individual we humans are, we are a composite of everything we are aware of. We are a mirror of our times.”
–Louise Nevelson

My son, Eric has many of my dad’s traits. Eric even looks like my side of the family. Our son, Brandon looks like his dad. A big happy go lucky Swede. Eric has a short temper and is wiry. He’s tall and slim and loves to eat anything Italian. Brandon is slow to anger and eats, white bread and potatoes. He’s tall too, but built like his dad. Sorta a small linebacker. The things we inherit from our parents and grandparents we don’t get to choose. All those weird and wonderful things that came from a family member we might not have ever met. I have a little toe nail that is split down the center, just like my grandmother. It’s almost like we have extra lives like cats. There are pieces of us and our parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles that live on. We don’t choose those things but we do choose the clubs, friends, communities, and organizations that we associate with. Do you belong to the PTA, Kiwanis, CA Writers Club, a church? These groups you choose to belong to. How many groups or clubs do you attend? Are they all the same? Do you enjoy the group you are a part of?
These organizations and your family reflect in your writing. They are a part of you and you don’t even realize how they influence your work. I have found that I love to watercolor paint hardware things like washers and bolts. I enjoy making them look old and rusted. My dad was an electrician and my grandfather was a carpenter/plumber. I might have got something from them.
Paint with words today, the things that come from the family, clubs and groups you belong to.
Did you go to a family reunion this summer? Did you see some cousins that look just like you? Did you join a new club? Are you active in a club? Or do you sit and take it all in? (Not a bad place to gather writing material.)
Hope you all have a good week.
Keep writing!
Don’t forget the CWC meeting this Saturday.

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