September 17 Prompt

Good Afternoon,
Hope all had a good weekend. We have a CWC meeting this Saturday the 22nd. Don’t forget to enter our contest. Deadline is Sept. 29th

“Writing involves a commitment greater than illness.”
–Bernard Malamud

Our back door was always locked. It was in the kitchen and opened onto the screened in patio. The screen door on the patio was locked by one of those hook and eye things. I would come home from school and sometimes the doors would be locked. I’d hunt around the yard for a stick that was thin enough to slip in the screen door and flip off the hook. And as you can guess, it didn’t always work. The stick would break or the hook was wedged and wouldn’t release. If I found a good stick I’d hide it so if I got locked out again I’d have a stick ready. A Popsicle stick worked the best.
Once I’d get through the screen door the kitchen door posed another problem. The key was suppose to be in a drawer in a cabinet that was on the patio. The drawer was full of rags and I think that my dad thought that no one would ever guess that a key for the house would be in there. But sometimes he would get worried, or he might have thought that my mom was going to be home, so he’d leave the key in the kitchen drawer. So I’d have to find a way into the house without a key. I’d “break & enter”. When I was skinny, (I know, hard to imagine now) I’d climb up on the washer and go in the thin window that was over the hot water tank. The window was four feet long and about a foot tall. I’d make it somehow. Then once I was in the window, that opened into the bathroom, I’d have to get down. I would slide on my stomach over the medicine cabinet until my foot touched the toilet and I’d step down.
By the time I was in Jr. High School this was not the way I could get in. I was too tall and was a bit too thick to fit through the window. I talked to my parents and they’d nod and tell me they were sorry for forgetting or whatever else was the problem. But it seemed that more times than not I was breaking into our house. When my dad thought that it was too dangerous to leave a window open and if I could get in then anyone could get in, he started going around locking all the windows before he’d go to work. Yes he was OCD. Still is.
I got creative in leaving a window open that I could fit through. And I always managed to get in somehow.

Today, take a piece of paper and pen. Turn the paper sideways and write. This is a good break for being blocked. Try this even if you’re not having problems getting started.
You will have a back door through which to escape.
Write about a memory of being locked out/in. Was it really being locked out like I was or was it a group you could not join. Did you loose your keys or were there no keys?

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