September 21 Prompt

Good morning Writers.

Heres to a great weekend and try to write every day.

“I love the solitude of reading. I love the deep dive into someone else’s story, the delicious ache of the last page.”
–Naomi Shihab Nye

Have you all read and finished “Self Storage” by our Gayle Brandis? If you have and want to discuss it let me know. We could have a little on line book club chat.
I loved it. It took me awhile because I was forced to only read just before bed and I’d get so sleepy that I’d have to re read some paragraphs 2…no more like 4 times before I’d give up and go to sleep. But I finished it the last week and then couldn’t go to sleep. I was so awake I decided to write something.
There are some books that I ache after I have read the last page. I just don’t want them to end. I like the other life that I have been sucked into. It pulls me to the edge and I jump without being pushed. Now that’s a good book.
If we write from the heart we can’t go wrong. Let the words run out our minds, down our arm/s and out our fingers to the keys or pen.

So for today…Write about your favorite book. One you just finished or one you are reading now. Dig deep to find all the words that are locked in your heart about the book or author. What has that author done for you. Did they pull at your guts and make you cry, get mad, give you an ahhh moment? What is the line or paragraph that kicked you wide awake and start your mind humming?
If you have chosen a CA author, and you have even just a few paragraphs send it to Laura for Fresh Ink.
Don’t like that prompt?
Write about an old man that hangs out at a cemetery putting flowers on the graves that have been forgotten.

See you at the meeting on Saturday.
Bring a friend even if they don’t write.
Have a good weekend.

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