September 24 Prompt

Happy writing to all Writers.

“It is the first shower that wets.”
–Italian Proverb
I might have used that quote before but I thought it fitting after our rain.

“When I use a word, it means what I choose it to mean–neither
more nor less.”
This is a quiz. It is from something that Lewis Carroll wrote. Now we all can go on the internet and find this really quickly. But try to remember this.
It’s from our childhoods and a poem that maybe our parents or our kindergarten teachers lovingly read to us.
Let me know if you figure it out.

I have always wanted to be a ebullient person. I do have fits of being zestfully enthusiastic about something but I’m not generally that way. I’d like to be. But my inner
critic talks me down. I am enthusiastic about my writing and art most of the time. But I wish that I was a more ebullient person about things. It can get trying.
You know those people that are bubbling about everything. I begin to feel like I’m sick or something because I’m not gushing all over things. But for some they are, and it seems to be their personality. So, I’m happy for them… — sorta, I guess. I can’t get bubbling today. I feel too relaxed.

Today or whenever you make time to write. Use the word “ebullient”. Be careful ebullient people can be “…wearing in a small place” (Deirdre McNamer)

Have a great week.
Make time to write every day.

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