September 28 Prompt

Good morning writers.

“Eighty percent of language lies to us.”
–Deena Metzger

I have a tendency to over extend myself.
I over booked September and entered 4 art shows and signed up for two extra art classes. Plus all the usual stuff that goes with life. So I dropped one show and one class. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in something that I want to do it all. It happens with my writing too. I want to enter contests and send stuff off to magazines and take a class from Mike Foley. Take some more classes from UCLA’s writing program and do the prompts and a blog. It can go on and on.
I need to stop myself and realize that I can’t do it all. At least not all at once!

Here is a good book for keeping you writing every day. “The Write-Brain Workbook”, 366 exercises to liberate your writing, by Bonnie Neubauer

We have set today as national hug your dog day. Or hug your cat.
We have 3 cats and one dog. They are part of our family.
My cat has habits that I laugh at and then remember that I have habits/rituals too. No I don’t get on the bathroom counter and drink from the faucet. I don’t get tissues out of the trash and drag them around either. I do however, sit on the love seat in the evening and read the mail or a book or a magazine. I iron my t shirts the same way each time. I brush my teeth before I shower. You get the idea.
Do you have some habits/rituals? Are they ones that you can write about? Are they ones that help you write?
If you are not into realism, try this one.
“I could have used a kick in the seat of the pants the day that…”
from The Write-Brain Workbook

Here are a few art shows that you might like to see.
“Off The Beaten Path” Mono prints.
White’s Studio and Gallery
1232 Monta Vista #10
Upland, CA
Opening reception Oct. 5 6-9pm
Closing reception Nov. 2 6-9pm
by appt. 909.982.3349

Oct 11 to Nov 2
Pomona Valley Art Assoc.

26th Annual Open Juried Show
Oct 13-Oct 27

Both shows are at the Soho & Progressive Galleries
300 A South Thomas Street Pomona
Thurs. Fri. 11-4 Sat. 11-10pm (on 2nd Sat.)
Oct 13 6-10pm Artist reception

Assoc. Artists of the Inland Empire
23 Annual Fall Open Juried Art Show and Sale
Saturday Sept. 29 9am-6pm & Sunday Sept. 30 9am-4pm
Central Park Community Center
11200 Baseline Road
Rancho Cucamonga

Have a good weekend.

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