Making a Commitment

Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.

ā€” Robert F. Kennedy

Hello Writers,
Life happens as they say. Whoever “They” are.

Things have kept me from my writing and art. It is hard to let things go because life gets too crazy or things, (again with the things) get in the way.
Summer held the idea of lots of leisure time. I did have some of short trips to Cambria, CT, and the beach. But the other weeks, days, and hours have been spent on the run and putting my kitchen back together. The kitchen is almost done, still some little things left to do.
The other “things” is doing too much and not making myself take care of my writing and art.
The doctor and dentist appointments are musts but the things of running in circles seem to beget more circles and mazes have me hung up.
So what do I do? I signed up for Mike Foley’s class. This is my way of getting back my focus. This will MAKE me write. And I hope it will keep me up on my prompts.
I was talking to a fellow artist yesterday and she said that she always needs a commitment and to state it out loud to someone. So she told me that she was going to put her sketch book on her bedside table. She sometimes wakes with ideas early in the morning.
What do you do to get your focus back? Have you let summer, the fun of it, or being bogged down by it, keep you from writing.

Use the prompt of our contest to write today.
“The road less traveled”

*And enter your writing.*

See you at the Aug 23 th meeting. And let Kathryn know if you want to read something.
Have a great rest of the week and weekend.

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