Collage Class 2/16/12

 Some friends/fellow artists kept asking me to teach a class. I wasn’t sure and was a bit worried. But I got over that and did it. After a failed attempt a few months ago in a different venue I decided to try to teach this class here at my home. The students made two framed pieces of collage artwork, a gift box and collage jewelry (earrings and pendants).
With great success one person had never done any kind of collage or design. See her work above.

  This artist had done collage before but had never had a design class. She was quite successful.

  Artist number three has had many classes and she was one that encouraged me to teach a class. She is a wonderful artist and also enjoyed the design part of the class.

 This is her jewelry.  The pendant was made by collageing bits of colored paper onto gessoed watercolor paper. I directed them to cut out traditional shapes for the earrings and pendents. But this student saw two profile pictures and cut her pendant out to show them. It is a wonderful piece. Plus she has a set of earrings to match.

  I am so proud of these students. And they where very pleased. The class moved a a good pace and we were able to finish with a bit of time to spare. I am inspired to teach another class. A request was made for a class on paper.  Not just paper but how to tint tissue paper to use in collage and some other great papers to make for their stash.  Collage artists are hoarders of papers and such.
  After the class I was tired but felt really good. Everything I had semi planned worked. It worked for the students and it worked for me. I was satisfied.  But, when it came time to go to sleep with a big smile on my face….I asked, “So, where did all this come from? Silly rabbit, you didn’t even have an actual lesson plan!”
  As I lay awake asking these questions…it hit me.  Two great teachers that I have been taking classes from for about three years. This is where I received my education on Design and Color.  They are Skip Lawrence and Topher Shinks.  I could not wait to get up this morning to send them an e mail of thanks and gratitude. I hope I made them feel as good as my students made me feel.

“Create Something Everyday!”

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