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Meditative Art: Out to Sea

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Meditative Art: Out to Sea

For many of us, a trip to the beach is essential for rest, relaxation, and play. This class capture’s the meditative qualities of a beach trip through the examination of cool colors, organic textures, and natural patterns found at the beach. Join me for this special celebration and find peace through your art! This class will be held on Zoom. Please be sure to fill out the following registration form to secure your spot.


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Meditative Art: Into the Center

Expand your meditative art practice with new techniques, patterns, and formats. Explore the centering of your art practice and mindfulness as you create universal patterns found in nature and beyond. You will receive a PDF instructional handout with a template for the circles and squares the week before the class.

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Kids Art Classes

Your child and their friends will enjoy a special art party designed to inspire a sense of fun and creativity. Each art party involves a special art project tailored to your child’s chosen theme. $15 per child. Please fill out the following interest form in addition to paying via Paypal and I will contact you to schedule and plan your child’s art party!