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To create everyday can be a challenge. Things that are not about art seem to get in the way: dishes, laundry, and even day jobs. But if you can carve out 5 minutes a day to create a bit of art, you would be amazed by what happens.  Stampington has a line of magazines to be inspired by. One of my favorites is Sumerset Studio. I found this list about creating and renewing your creative spirit. It’s a good place to start. 

One of my mentors and fellow artists that teaches, Amy Miracle is the go to person for creating everyday.  She suggests that we create on little pieces of paper that are 2”x2”  to narrow the focus. With that small of paper you can do something, almost anything in 5 minutes. Why 5 minutes? You can squeeze in a mini art piece in 5 minutes or less with a 2”x2” piece a paper. Set a time and try it. Many times I’ve gone past the 5 minuets creating something larger and wonderful. Who doesn’t have 5 minutes to make some art.

Playing at The River

Something else I have learned by taking classes is that my creativity becomes wild and I tried many new things.  I go in directions that make me stop and think, “Is this really me? Do I like to paint this way? What will I do with this? How will I make it my own?” These questions open up my mind to creating from the heart and what speaks to me. It also solidifies what and how I want to create. Another artist that I follow is Laura Horn. With Laura, I learned that I had abandoned my love of nature and painting with watercolor and I also learned that I was not happy because I wasn’t following my heart. I love Laura’s color palette and she helped me fall back in love with green.

One last artist I want to talk about is Alisa Burke.   Alisa has some classes that are as low as $5.00. She also has bundles of classes. She is not one to say, “you have to have these supplies.” Alisa encourages people to use what they have and create for the sake of creating. I’ve taken a few of her classes and one thing that keeps me going back each time, is to have fun and create from the heart. 

From The Valley

Whether you take classes in person, online or take workshops that have many sessions, take some classes that sound interesting to you. If cost is an issue watch for the artist to have a sale or a bundle. Most artists that are teachers want to promote art and classes that will help other artists make better art. Many times these artist that you admire will have some free classes. This is also a way to try them out to see if, how and what they teach is appealing to you.

If you have some artists or classes you’d like to share, leave a comment. I’d love to hear from you. 

Get creating every day.


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  1. Laura Bray says:

    I love the links you put up! So inspiring. This my favorite post on your blog so far (and that’s saying a lot!).

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