I Know What I Said

Hello from HOT Southern California.  We are deep into another heat wave. I find sometimes it’s hard even to think let alone do much. I’ve had the air conditioner blasting and fans going to stay cool. I just can’t deal with the heat anymore. I want autumn to kick in NOW.  I know I saidContinue reading “I Know What I Said”

My Most Favorite Mark-Making Tools

Summer is winding down and it’s almost time to get back to school or work or make more art or teach more classes and workshops. I have enjoyed taking my summer off from teaching. I did teach 2 workshops online. Some other artists/teachers that I admire have been wonderful inspirations. I was able to dig deepContinue reading “My Most Favorite Mark-Making Tools”

Lunch From the Garden

My connection to nature goes back to my very early years as a kid. I’d spend weekends with my grandparents at least one or two times a month. I had all of their ranches to roam and explore and all of nature around the rural community of Chino, CA. My grandfather had a green arm.Continue reading “Lunch From the Garden”

Why I Create Small Works

I plan on entering the National Collage Society’s Small Format show. The pieces can only be 4-by-6 inches, postcard size. Just what I like. There’s no jury, so everyone gets in. I love these small formats and decided I’d create some and enter the show. I had some mat board cut to 4-by-6 inch forContinue reading “Why I Create Small Works”

Blowing Wind 

Artwork based on nature can take many forms and serve many purposes. Because “nature” is such an immense topic that encompasses so many things, I can only provide a partial list of the various sub topics that may appear in nature-related artwork: https://www.art-is-fun.com/nature-in-art Nature can be a simple add on to a painting to convey aContinue reading “Blowing Wind “

New Beginnings

I want to thank everyone that supported my art business and visited my website in 2021. Whether you bought a greeting card, a painting, a print, or are taking classes from me, your support means so much.  I was going to write a post about the new year and resolutions and how to keep themContinue reading “New Beginnings”

What’s a Mood Board?  And How to Create One

I’ve talked about inspirations and creativity before in my blog here. There are many ideas about creativity and how to cope with artistic blocks. Some say you can be stuck or have a block but I think we put that block or being stuck in our heads, sometimes without knowing it. Similarly, there are manyContinue reading “What’s a Mood Board?  And How to Create One”

Sketchbooks How and Why and My Favorites 

When I was in college, all my art classes listed a sketchbook as a required supply. I got kind of sick carrying around sometimes 4 wire bound books. I was so glad to find some regular book bound type and switched some of my sketchbooks over them those. In the beginning, I didn’t see theContinue reading “Sketchbooks How and Why and My Favorites “

Keep Your Creative Juices Flowing

To create everyday can be a challenge. Things that are not about art seem to get in the way: dishes, laundry, and even day jobs. But if you can carve out 5 minutes a day to create a bit of art, you would be amazed by what happens.  Stampington has a line of magazines toContinue reading “Keep Your Creative Juices Flowing”

10 Things I love About Making Art

When I started thinking about a new blog post, I knew I wanted to stay with my focus on art, inspiration, the creative process, and what helps me become more creative. What came up is what makes me an artist and what I have discovered in my art life and my journey. With all thisContinue reading “10 Things I love About Making Art”

Reflecting Back To Move Forward

There are themes and techniques in our work that will persist and continue through out our creative lives. Finding some paintings, drawings, collages or other art forms from years back can sometimes cause head-scratching, gasps, and overall feelings of regret. But there are learning experiences that can come out after some investigating. If you haveContinue reading “Reflecting Back To Move Forward”

Every Summer

Every summer when I was in elementary school, if I didn’t have summer school, my dad would give me math lessons from the dreaded orange arithmetic book.  Back in the late 50s, summer school was for kids that didn’t have the grades to pass. I did my time in summer school and I thought thatContinue reading “Every Summer”

Why Do You Paint?

I’ve been asked, “Why do you paint?” Sometimes people ask, “why do you create?” I’ve always answered, “I can’t not create.” But, I think there’s more to it. I think I’ve been holding back from my collectors, students, and people in general.  I’ve been thinking about so many things this past year. Thinking about ourContinue reading “Why Do You Paint?”

Pending Euphoria

Rhapsodic From the Greek, from euphoros-healthy. From eu+pherein, to bear-birth, deliverer,produce. euphoria…a feeling of well being or elation To be marked by elation by high spirits Rhapsodic…extravagantly emotional Enthusiastic…filled with or marked by enthusiasm From the Greek, enthousiasmos, from enthousiazein, to be inspired Enthusiasm…1. a belief in special revelations of the Holy Spirit. 2. AContinue reading “Pending Euphoria”