Lunch From the Garden

My connection to nature goes back to my very early years as a kid. I’d spend weekends with my grandparents at least one or two times a month. I had all of their ranches to roam and explore and all of nature around the rural community of Chino, CA.

My grandfather had a green arm. Not just a green thumb. Whatever he wanted to grow he did and they were perfect and beautiful in every way. He had a huge Hygreange bush AKA Snowballs that would have blooms the size of basketballs. The Gladious were in all colors and the stocks were 4 feet long.

My grandfather also grew vegetables and fruit. I’d steal baby corn, carrots, and radishes out of the garden for lunch. I call them the “babies” because they were not ready to harvest. I’d pick just enough to eat. 

My dad always raised animals: chickens, rabbits, goats, and sheep, plus a garden. He was not one to grow flowers. If it could not be eaten it was just bushes around the house and lots of grass. Next door lived a doctor and his wife that had a garden that looked like it was a park with exotic plants and flowing plants. The shaded areas were like tropical heavens. I was able to explore nature in all forms in my own neighborhood. There were horse ranches near my home and if I could sneak away that’s where I’d go to try and pet horses that lingered near the fences. 

Now I explore in my own backyard, neighborhood, and the California Botanic Garden.

With all this exploring how do I have time to paint? I have committed myself to a 100 Day project. I started it on April first and even though I am already behind I am painting more and posting them on Instagram and Facebook.

I named my project 100 Day Project watercolor painting botanicals on postcards. If you go to my IG account and follow me you will see more posts about my garden and my art.

NOTE: I’ve been working on my brand and website. Soon you will be able to purchase my handpainted art and collages from my website. The biggest change will be my class offerings. The first class for May is Meditative Art Out To Sea. If you love the beach and ocean you’ll love this Meditative Art class.

Sign up now for my Celebration discount. Now $25, normally $35 Hope to see you there.

Out To Sea
Out To Sea


  1. Laura Bray says:

    I love this post! I didn’t realize you had such a rural childhood Aleta, but then I suppose we all ran around in nature more than kids do today.

    1. Yes we were all a lot more roaming when we were kids. My time was in the 1950s. I ran wild like an animal at times. 😜

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