I Know What I Said

Hello from HOT Southern California.  We are deep into another heat wave. I find sometimes it’s hard even to think let alone do much.

I’ve had the air conditioner blasting and fans going to stay cool. I just can’t deal with the heat anymore. I want autumn to kick in NOW. 

I know I said I’d be writing about my favorite mark-making tools and how I use them. I listed them in my last blog. But I have been working on some classes and also taking a business class. In addition, I have 3 art sales coming up. I’ll get back to mark-making, hum…maybe… January. 

I’m teaching watercolor workshop at one of our local retirement facilities for four weeks. The ladies that have signed up are so sweet. I just could not say no.

The next event is Padua Hills Art Festival November 6 at Padua Hills in Claremont, CA. Padua Hills has a rich history and the grounds are beautiful. My parents took me there when it was a restaurant and the servers preformed on stage after everyone was served. There was an area where Native American and other local artist sold their art. This is sponsored by Claremont Museum of Art and this is the 18th year. It’s a great event, food, art, wine, a lot of art, demonstrations, and art of all kinds. We didn’t have the festival during COVID but we were back last year and had over 1000 people attending. The food is local Mexican cuisine and it’s fabulous. I’ll have my original artwork and hand painted  greeting cards. 

The next event is Art Mob Market, December 9 and 10 in Claremont, CA at the UCC church. We have over 20 artists of all kinds and it will be our first art sale since 2019. Here’s a list that won’t disappoint:  weavings,  3 different ceramic artist, hand-made jewelry, paper crafts, original art in watercolors, acrylics, and oils, wooden charcuterie and cutting boards, home decor, and assemblage art. A new addition will be YKB bamboo tea. Come and enjoy a free sample to warm you up (hope it’s cold by December), and learn about the health benefits of bamboo. 

With all this going on, how can I do any more? Well, I’ll be back teaching in person at California Botanical Gardens in Claremont, CA. October 22 will be “Meditative Watercolors,” November 19 class will be making holiday cards and tags, and December 17 class will be “Calming Down During the Holidays.”

This is what I’ll be doing these last 3 months of this year. I hope you can come by and say “Hi” at any of these events or join a class. I’ll be making art for the sales and posting on Facebook, and Instagram with updates. 

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  1. Laura Bray says:

    Oh my you are going to be BUSY! I remember visiting you at the Padua Hills event years ago. Wish I could come now, but the commute from WA is a bit much! I know you’ll do great!

  2. KarenLR says:

    I found you via Anne at My Giant Strawberry and I love what you’ve been up to! Looks like you WILL be busy…but with so many wonderful things. Don’t forget to breathe as you navigate all the days ahead. Sending hope your way. xo

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