August 13 Prompt

Hello Writers.“Difficulties are just things to overcome, after all.”–Ernest Shackleton Today is about something spelled wrong.But you need to write about the tension around the misspelling.Think about buying a birthday cake for someone very special. The bakery misspells the name on the cake. You pick the cake up, and without looking at it you rushContinue reading “August 13 Prompt”

Hello Writers.Another Friday, and I’m looking forward to Saturday & Sunday. Some weeks seem so long and others seem to fly by, and I can’t keep up with the days. That’s when I’m having a good week or having fun. It’s when I’m, writing well or making art that is satisfying. Here’s to a goodContinue reading

July 16 Prompt

Good morning writers.Hope everyone had a good weekend. Did anyone do anything different? Did you take any pictures?I have added Cyndy’s and Katheryn’s link for their photo galleries. Beautiful art! “If you write a hundred short stories and they’re all bad, that doesn’t mean you’ve failed. You only fail if you stop writing.”–Ray Bradbury DoContinue reading “July 16 Prompt”

I hope you all are not hiding in your beds because of today.Get out there and see what wonderful things can happen.I have seen our good friend and VP of IECWC Cyndy Largarticha’s Photo Gallery today and just want to say she has some great photos there.I will put her link on my blog ifContinue reading